Preparing Students in the 21st-Century

Beulah Baptist Christian School classrooms provide one of the best settings to learn these vital skills. 21st-century skill development instructions are weaved into the everyday curriculum, academic learning and culture of the school. It enables the perfect harmony of academic learning to benefit students for years to come.

The school classroom facilities have high-speed internet connectivity and students have access to one-to-one computing devices. In addition, the school offers ‘Blended Learning” experiences — connecting homes and school with our online academic curriculum programs called “Mobymax” and “Typing Agent”  where students continue to have access to their lessons when they leave school for home. Through our school’s student management system — TeacherEase, parents, and students have real-time monitoring access to daily/weekly progress reports and communications with teachers to ensure accountability on every side of the teaching and learning process in the school.

21st century skills flow chart