Elementary School

Grades K – 5

Your child is offered an outstanding educational experience that is both academically challenging, and developmentally appropriate. Student learning begins with a talented team of passionate educators, who create engaging and nurturing classrooms.

Elementary School

Welcome to the Elementary program at the Beulah Baptist Christian Schools. Our mission is to serve the Lord, collaborate with parents, and encourage students to develop their God-given gifts through academics, arts, and athletics. As a school, it is an honor to serve you in our learning community of children, parents, and educators.

Your child is offered an outstanding educational experience that is both academically challenging, and developmentally appropriate. Student learning begins with a talented team of passionate educators, who create engaging and nurturing classrooms. God’s word is infused into all subjects, as teachers help students to be discerning and grow in their faith. We encourage your child to be inquisitive, to think critically, and to become a self-motivated learner. Specialized instruction in ICT (Information & Communications Technology), art, music, library, computer-applications, and PE give depth and diversity to their educational experience.

Beyond the classroom, students participate in many enriching activities and programs including field trips, elected student leadership group, Christmas and spring musical performances, instruments, ACSI academic competitions such as Spelling Bee, Speech Meet and Math Olympics.


Elementary Academics

Beulah Baptist Christian School provides a challenging academic program by utilizing excellent curriculum and strong instruction to guide student achievement at the Elementary level. Biblical principles are integrated into the instruction of all subjects ensuring a Christian perspective of education and learning. Students also attend weekly classes in art, music, computer, PE, and library to give depth and diversity to their educational experience.

Kindergarten: Students in the full-day Kindergarten program learn and develop socially, academically, emotionally and spiritually in a thematic, age-appropriate environment. In language arts, students are taught the foundation of PHONICS as they begin to read, spell, and write. Students will be taught the mechanics of sentence structure and will apply those skills to journaling. For MATH CONCEPTS, students learn all state standards including sorting, patterning, counting, addition and subtraction, time, money and measurement. SOCIAL STUDIES includes reading a map and graph, Christmas around the world, and community helpers. SCIENCE includes the life cycle of the chicken and butterfly, states of matter, Lego engineering, habitats, weather, seasons and parts of the animal. In Bible, students learn about topics and characters including creation, the life of Christ, prayer, missions, Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Joshua and Jonah.

Curriculum: Sadlier- Oxford, A-Beka, Pearson-Scotts Foresman, McMillian-McGraw, Purposeful Design

  •     Typing Agent Course: Keyboarding
  •     Mobymax: Course supplement


First Grade:First grade continues to build a strong academic foundation for successful development of the students. The LANGUAGE ARTS curriculum builds on phonological awareness, phonics, oral reading and comprehension, spelling, vocabulary, and writing. For BIBLE Students continue to learn God’s word with Bible stories about Moses, Peter, Paul, God’s promises and care, also including Bible verse memorization and daily prayer. In MATH, students build knowledge in the areas of number sense, algebra, measurement and geometry, probability and problem solving with plenty of hands-on manipulatives to shape understanding. Important themes in SOCIAL STUDIES include God’s World, maps, oceans and continents, family, community, states and our country, Native Americans and Pilgrims, and cultures today and long ago. In science, students see God’s world through observation and hands-on learning of topics including motion and forces, weather, seasons, solids, liquids, gases, plants and animals.

Curriculum: Scotts Foresman, Sadlier-Oxford, A-Beka, Super Kids, Houghton Mifflin, Purposeful Design, and Pearson

  •     Typing Agent Course: Keyboarding
  •     Mobymax: Course supplement
  •     Pearson: Language Arts, History
  •     Houghton-Mifflin: Math


Second Grade: Second grade students grow and develop skills that are necessary for academic and spiritual maturity. During BIBLE lessons, students study themes including God is King, obedience, humility, serving, forgiveness, giving and thankfulness. The enriching LANGUAGE ARTS program continues to emphasize phonics and comprehension skills through enjoyable children’s literature, and building strong skills in grammar and spelling to strengthen writing skills. CURSIVE HANDWRITING is introduced and practiced, while students master good printing skills. MATH lessons continue to build on key skills in number sense, and students are introduced to multiplication and division. In SOCIAL STUDIES the students learn about their community and their involvement in the world around them. They study the makeup of their country, its government and leaders, citizenship, and laws. They study the economy
from the perspective of Producing and Consuming Goods and Service Workers. They learn to read Maps, Study Various Cultures, and use of technology. They also study America’s First Settlers and Prominent American Heroes. In SCIENCE, students are exposed to many hands-on experiments and activities where they learn about plant life and the God’s living world, along with health and physical science. In Science, the students study Matter with an exciting Hot Air Balloon experiment to apply the physical science they learn!

Curriculum: Scotts Foresman, A-Beka, Bob Jones, Pearson, McMillian/McGraw Hill, Purposeful Design

  •     Typing Agent Course: Keyboarding
  •     Mobymax: Course supplement


Third Grade: Third graders come ready to build on their solid academic skills and begin to apply the added responsibility of managing student agendas and homework. In LANGUAGE ARTS, students continue to build on grammar and SPELLING skills, along with critical thinking skills in reading and writing. In Bible, students will study many important themes including sin and salvation, purity, why Jesus came, and choosing friends, along with growing spiritually through prayer and BIBLE verse memorization. The MATH program builds on regrouping, multiplication and division facts to 12, fractions geometry and problem-solving. In SCIENCE, students will learn about the classification of animals and study weather and climate. They will practice the scientific method with experiments and hands-on activities that focus on engineering, physical laws of motion, and matter. In SOCIAL STUDIES, students will learn about the settlement of our great country, the formation of communities and our governments, conduct an in-depth state research project, and discuss the value of citizenship.

Curriculum: Pearson, Scott Foresman, Houghton Mifflin, Sadlier, A-Beka, Purposeful Design

  •     Typing Agent Course: Keyboarding
  •     Mobymax: Course supplement
  •     A Reason for Handwriting: Penmanship


Fourth Grade: This transitional year encourages students to have a greater independence and responsibility for their academic success. BIBLE truths are integrated into the instruction of all subjects, and students continue to build Bible knowledge with themes including attributes of God, faithfulness, and contentment. Students expand their LANGUAGE ARTS skills in grammar, SPELLING, and WRITING. In READING, students develop higher level reading skills with high-interest stories both fiction and non-fiction. The scientific process is practiced throughout the SCIENCE program covering Eco-systems, electricity, forces, light, rock & minerals and erosion. In Grade 4 MATH, the focus is on three critical areas: (1) developing understanding and fluency with multi-digit multiplication, and developing understanding of dividing to find quotients involving multi-digit dividends; (2) developing an understanding of fraction equivalence, addition, and subtraction of fractions with like denominators, and multiplication of fractions by whole numbers; (3) understanding that geometric figures can be analyzed and classified based on their properties, such as having parallel sides, perpendicular sides, particular angle measures, and symmetry.

Curriculum: Scotts Foresman, Houghton Mifflin, McMillian/McGraw-Hill, A-Beka, Pearson, Purposeful Design

  •     Typing Agent Course: Keyboarding
  •     Mobymax: Course supplement
  •     A Reason for Handwriting: Penmanship


Fifth Grade: Fifth grade pacing and curriculum is focused on preparing students to succeed and mature both socially and academically for Junior High. The fifth grade BIBLE curriculum teaches students themes on sin and grace, obedience, holiness, body as a temple, evangelism, mission and false teachers in addition to memorization of verses. The LANGUAGE ARTS program prepares students for the rigors of junior high with a comprehensive study of grammar, spelling, expository and narrative writing, and reading. Students learn concepts in PHYSICAL AND LIFE SCIENCES including mixtures and solutions, living systems, and the study of water and planet Earth. The curriculum provides many hands-on learning experiments and activities to enrich the students’ understanding of science. In HISTORY, students learn how the United States gained independence as a country through major events such as the Revolutionary War. The MATH program focuses on concepts and skills that prepare students for a successful transition to pre-algebra courses in Junior High.

Curriculum: Pearson Envision, Houghton Mifflin, A-Beka, McMillian McGraw, Houghton Mifflin

  •         Typing Agent Course: Keyboarding
  •         Mobymax: Course supplement


Elementary Activities

  •             ACSI MATH OLYMPICS
  •             ACSI SPEECH MEET
  •             ACSI SPELLING BEE
  •             BIBLE BOWL
  •             BOOK FAIRS

Beulah Baptist Christian Elementary School participates in Book Fairs each year. Information will be posted for dates


Beulah Baptist Christian Elementary and Middle School presents two performances/musicals each year – one at Christmas and one in the spring. Flyers and parent information can be found on this site.