About Beulah Baptist Christian Day School

Our Mission Statement

Beulah Baptist Christian School exists to provide and prepare young people for spiritual and academic training to serve God, men and live productive lives.


Our Vision Statement

Beulah Baptist Christian School envisions our students to develop and exemplify God-fearing, God-honoring, God-obedience, and strong academic skills for service.


Our Biblical Mandate

Beulah Baptist Christian School is an integral part of all aspects and extension of the pulpit ministry of the Beulah Baptist Church to reach young for Jesus Christ.


Our Statement of Doctrinal Position

In keeping with the spirit and philosophy of Beulah Baptist Church ministries, the fundamental missionary biblical position will be taught from the chapel pulpit and in the classroom. All students from other denominations are welcomed to attend Beulah Baptist Christian School. However, they are not at liberty to promote their own “beliefs” within the student body or in the classroom. We approve only biblical and sound doctrinal positions from the written WORD OF GOD.