Middle School / Junior High

Grades 6 – 8

6th – 8th grades are taught in seven scheduled classes per day. The core classes are Bible, Math, English, History, Geography, Science, and Spanish. P.E., Art, and instruments. Computer Application course is offered as an extra-curricular class.

Beulah Baptist Christian School offers curriculum which is based on a Christian perspective of education. We feel it is important to integrate scriptural principles into each area of subject matter. We continually research a variety of curriculum, and have selected materials that will offer your child a high quality academic education, centered on the principles of God’s Word.

The Middle-School (6th – 8th) Curriculum and Course Descriptions

6th – 8th grades are taught in seven scheduled classes per day. The core classes are Bible, Math, English, History, Geography, Science, and Spanish. P.E., Art, and instruments. Computer Application course are offered as extra- curricular class.

6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Language / Literature: The Literature curriculum is based on improving reading and writing skills. In reading, students investigate a range of genres and continue to work on developing higher level reading skills, such as identifying important information, inferring, interpreting, synthesizing, and questioning as they read every day in class and for homework. fiction/ nonfiction short stories, narrative, expository and reflective, poetry, drama, themes in folk literature, narrative essay, informational essay, persuasive essay, research report, contrast essay, cause and effect essay, persuasive letter, expository essay, creative writing project personal narrative grammar, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary and dictionary skills.

6th Grade Math:(Pre-Algebra) place value, expanded notation, order of operations, decimals, ratios, fractions, solving fraction equations, the customary system, common factors and multiples rational numbers, algebraic expressions, solving variables, inequalities, statistics, probability, perimeter and area, volume and surface area, circles and measurements.

7th Grade Math:(Pre-Algebra) ratios, proportions, and unit rates, fractions, rational numbers, angles, area and surface area, circumference, volume, geometric figures, statistics and probability

8th Grade Math (ALGEBRA 1) real numbers, irrational numbers, square roots, the Pythagorean theorem, coordinate plane, radicals and inter exponents, linear equations, functions, geometry, congruence and similarities, measurements, data, statistics, and probability

6th Grade CIVICS: The growth and development of the nation’s political infrastructure and its past, present and future relationships are presented to students in an effort to prepare them to take their future positions as citizens of the nation and the world. Good citizenship and patriotism are emphasized with an understanding of the Bible’s teachings on the same – foundations of citizenship, creating a lasting government, the federal government, state and local government, foundations of economics, government and the economy

7th Grade History: United States / World History: Beginnings of American History, Roots of the American people, Europe looks outward, colonies take root forming a new nation, the road to revolution, the American revolution, creating the Constitution, the new republic launching a new nation, the era of Thomas Jefferson, a changing nation, understanding culture, culture and society, cultural change.

8th Grade History and Geography: United States / World History: Civil War and Reunion, the nation divided, the civil war, reconstruction and the new South, the West transformed, industry and urban growth, political reform and the progressive era, the United States looks overseas, World War I, the Roaring Twenties, East Asia Cultures and History

6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Art: art in your world, enjoying and exploring art, line, shape and form, value, space, color, texture, balance, and unity.

6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Physical Education: Physical Education is a very important part of a student’s life, now and in the future. Participation in PE will not only lead to improved knowledge and skill but will improve the quality of life both physically and mentally. Teamwork and sportsmanship are the foundations of sports and life. Students will learn to use cooperation skills throughout all PE lessons. These lessons learned in PE will improve their future skills with friends, family, sports, leisure activities, and in the workplace.

6th, 7th, 8th Bible: As 5th and 6th graders encounter the Bible, they are challenged to think for themselves and apply what they are learning to their lives. Bible verse memorization and personal application.

6th, 7th, 8th Grade Home Economics: The course represents many disciplines including consumer science, nutrition and textiles, apparel design, family economics as well as other related subjects.


Kindergarten – Eighth Grade students receive instruction to prepare them for science fair the following year. This includes a class science fair project. All students are required to do a science fair project. Each student will present a science fair project to his or her classmates in a classroom science fair. This project contributes to a major part of their final 4th quarter science grade. In addition, Honors science students will be required to do a research paper.


GRADE: 7th or 8th

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Scoring “Proficient or Advanced “on the previous year’s standardized test scores.

The PSAT serves as an introduction to the SAT, which is taken in high school in preparation for college. In addition, if the student scores high enough, it might lead to a scholarship. Test results will give students an idea of how he/she might perform on the SAT and provide feedback about the areas where improvement is needed.

Middle School Activities

  •     BIBLE BOWL
  •     BOOK FAIRS